Holiday Cooking With Our Line of Premium Culinary Oils


Food is often the centerpiece of holiday get-togethers.

So to help your table stand out as the merriest—and tastiest—try our premium line of organic culinary oils. They are the perfect holiday gift for the cook in your life, even if that person just so happens to be you.
From the everyday to the exotic, our line of premium culinary oils has you covered.
Our unfiltered and unrefined Pumpkin Oil (US/CA) is perfect for drizzling over this tasty butternut squash soup. Plus, it’s rich in Omega 3-6-9! Our earthy, organic Olive Oil (US) is just right for finishing off salads. We even have Peruvian virgin Sacha Inchi Oil (US/CA), chock full of omega-3s.

Make your table the talk of the holidays this season by going with a cooking oil that’s equal parts delicious and interesting.

Sacha Inchi oil has a mild nutty taste that’s perfect for holiday cooking and just as rich in omega oils as it is good for the planet. Holiday party conversation starter? Check. Working with a community of small farmers in Peru, our Sacha Inchi Oil is made from seeds native to the Amazon rainforest that have been consumed by pre-Inca civilizations. Besides being sustainable and ethically harvested, this omega oil is loaded with essential omega fatty acids, 3, 6, and 9.
Not big in the kitchen? All of our culinary oils (US/CA) make for the perfect gift for the foodie in your life.
Here’s to tastier holidays!
Hillary Eaton is a Los Angeles based food and travel writer whose work has appeared in such publications as VICE, Food & Wine, Refinery 29, Complex and Los Angeles Times.