Back to School! - Keep Your Kids on Their “A-Game”

It’s almost time for back to school!

Keeping your kids healthy doesn’t just mean keeping them from schoolyard colds. It also means helping their bones and brains grow healthy and strong with Flora’s children’s health line.

Ensuring children hit all the nutritional marks can be challenging.

The typical modern diet is chock-full of processed, refined foods stripped of their nutrients— hardly ideal for growing minds and bodies. Add in busy schedules and picky eaters to all the other everyday challenges, and parents seriously have their work cut out for them. Thankfully, there’s a delicious way for you to provide your youngsters with the nutrition they need, naturally. Flora’s line of children’s health products includes everything from a strong liquid multivitamin to brain-boosting omega-oils.

If there’s one thing every child needs, it’s their daily dose of vitamins.

Luckily our easily absorbed liquid formula comes in a delicious fruity tonic that children love. Flora's Kid's Multi Essentials+ ® is a vegan, gluten-free, dairy and yeast-free formula that makes taking vitamins easier, providing vitamins A, B, C, D, and E as well as key minerals calcium and magnesium. Formulated for optimal digestion and absorption, this formula can be used by kids ages 4+ to support overall health and vitality and ensure any nutrient gaps in their diet are being filled.

Remember, it’s not just vitamins that help your little ones during this stage of life.

Making sure your children are getting essential fatty acids is also vital to the development of their brains and cognitive abilities.* According to pediatric dietitian Laura Gibofsky, omega oils are part of the process of building new cells and the key to developing the central nervous and cardiovascular systems. Not only that, but studies have also shown that omegas can increase your child’s cognitive function, brain development, aid in behavioral issues—due to their role in neurotransmitter functions—and even help with your child’s memory development.* Fortunately, all those omegas can be found in one bottle with Udo’s DHA 3-6-9 Blend (US/CA).

Hillary Eaton is a Los Angeles based food and travel writer whose work has appeared in such publications as VICE, Food & Wine, Refinery 29, Complex and Los Angeles Times.
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