Yeast: The Good, the Bad, & Keeping it All in Balance

The truth about yeast and Candida imbalance

Do you remember your first? We’re talking about the first time you felt the vaginal itching, burning, and discomfort caused by an overgrowth of Candida yeast. You might have felt embarrassed, worried, irritated (physically and emotionally), or all of the above (and more). Candida is a naturally occurring yeast, and always present in small amounts. Unfortunately, when life happens and things get out of balance, that’s when it can sometimes rise to uncomfortable levels.

What causes the body’s Candida scales to tip? Antibiotics, pregnancy, monthly hormonal imbalance caused by your period, even stress and lack of sleep are culprits, among others. The good news? It’s incredibly common. Chances are, most of the women in your life have suffered through the experience too. The bad news? This is going to sound familiar: it’s incredibly common. In fact, it affects 75% of adult women at least once, with 40 to 45% experiencing two or more uncomfortable periods of yeast overgrowth in their lives. Thankfully, we’ve also got some helpful news. There are natural preventative steps you can take to help in the battle against unpleasant Candida imbalance.

Take Control with Cotton

Moisture provides optimal breeding conditions for Candida, so focus on keeping things clean and dry. Cotton underwear is a great choice—it’s light and breathable and doesn’t hold moisture and heat in the same way as many other fabrics do.

Eat a Balanced Diet

This can go a long way toward giving your body the best chance to keep everything in balance—focus on fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and non-fat dairy products. Harness the Power of Probiotics Taken daily, Super 8 Probiotic can help maintain the delicate balance ‘down there’. It was designed with a higher percentage and concentration of L. acidophilus to help maintain proper yeast balance in the body. With 42 billion cells present at time of manufacture, Super 8 Probiotic brings an army to battle for you in the fight for balance. The truth is, yeast happens. Thankfully, with due care and attention, you can do your part to keep things in balance.