How I Helped My Son to Be His Best Self

My son got new eye glasses this summer and ever since, he can’t wait to go back to school so that he can show them to his friends! I’m happy about his enthusiasm. Honestly, I’m relieved! You know, it’s awful to get a resistant, anxious or embarrassed child to go to school when they don’t want to. I have it easy actually. Some girls in my son’s class cry daily. I’ve read that anxiety is sending twice as many children to the emergency room as a decade ago!

My son is relaxed and positive now, but his old teacher said he was ‘disruptive’. A couple years back, we were both discouraged. He was lagging physically, in a way only I noticed. He was catching coughs and frequently had upset stomachs. I was encouraging him. Restricting sugar. Providing clean, nutrient-dense meals. Since he barely ate, it barely mattered. It wasn’t enough. I started supplementing his diet with everything I knew he was not getting enough of, and I’m really glad I did. I made sure he was getting all the critical vitamins and minerals, as well as probiotics. He stopped complaining of sore tummies and legs. I had a couple of teary moments as he had some long awaited growth spurts! My little boy growing up. I had a mystery to solve though: Even without ‘upset stomachs’, he had zero appetite. I realized that a lack of appetite could be a sign of low iron. Adding a small dose of liquid iron in juice made a huge difference. His concentration improved, and he had energy to face the walk uphill to our house. He demolished meals. Yes! More nutrients from food!

I was already using omega 3 oil in our smoothies. Now that he polished them off, my little guy was less grumpy, and his skin was less dry. I added an oil proven to help kids with hand-eye coordination problems. I could tell the difference right away. He was asking to play ball sports again, and feeling positive about his skills. An eye exam just provided a final puzzle piece—one nearsighted eye. Hence the glasses. Now he is unstoppable! He knows that it’s important to get vitamins and minerals, probiotics and good fats, every day.

Even though we eat well, supplementing our routine was a more direct path to help my child be more resilient, healthy, and happy. If you know your child is low in omegas like mine was, or could benefit from nutritional insurance, I think it’s worth trying supplements for a few months. I hope it makes a huge difference for you too! This is what worked for us...

At breakfast:

It’s usually in a smoothie in summer, oatmeal in winter. I include foods like berries, banana, spinach, pumpkin seeds, oats, and yogurt. I added: - Flora Children’s Probiotic (US/CA) for immunity and digestive support - Udo’s Omega 3+6+9 Oil Blend (US/CA) - Salus Kinder Love Liquid Vitamin (US/CA), the vitamins and minerals kids most often lack

Prior to after school snack:

Before homework/sports - for energy, concentration, appetite - Salus Floradix Liquid Iron (US/CA) - Efamol Efalex Brain Booster (CA)

With dinner:

Second dose for big kids to build and protect bones and brains while you sleep! - Salus Kinder Love Liquid Vitamin - Efamol Efalex Brain Booster Sources:
About the Author: Dana Remedios
Holistic Nutritionist Dana Green Remedios, RHN, RNCP has a passion for helping others break through their blocks to greater health, wealth, and happiness, working with transformational mind-body tools. The Vancouver-based educator and coach answers your questions in English, French, and Spanish as a Specialist working in the Product Information Department at Flora, and is a regular contributor to the FloraHealthy blog.