How to Stick to Your Exercise Routine


3 Things You Can Do to Prevent Cop Out

1 . Make a date with a friend

If you knew your exercise buddy was waiting for you, you wouldn’t stand her up, would you? Of course not. Making a standing date with a friend holds you both accountable. Plus, it’s more fun to exercise with your bestie, especially when you’re cheering each other on.

2. Get enough sleep

It’s hard to get in a good workout if you’re running on fumes. Getting enough shut eye the night before you hit the gym will help you give it your all. If you have trouble dropping off at night, try a soothing cup of herbal tea, be sure to eliminate screen time in the hour before you hit the hay, and make sure your bedroom is cool, dark and quiet.

3. Pump Iron

Even if you are getting enough sleep, being low on iron can make you feel as if you’ve been up half the night. That’s because iron helps your body form healthy red blood cells—the taxi service that escorts oxygen all through your body. Flora Iron can help. Flora Iron is formulated for easy absorption, is non-constipating, and comes in a tasty fruit and vegetable juice base.