From Seventeen to One Hundred Pounds

From Seventeen to One Hundred Pounds

Lindsay Young (@eatyoungnutrition) is a Holistic Nutritionist, who Flora has been working with for the last couple of years. When Lindsay welcomed Rosy, a Great Dane puppy to her family in May, we were excited to introduce her to our BiologicVET line of pet care products. Thank you for joining us over the past 6 months as we followed Rosy’s growth, development, and of course her puppy antics. If you are one of the many people who added a fur-friend to your family during the COVID-19 quarantine, you can probably relate to Lindsay’s experiences with Rosy!

From Seventeen to One Hundred Pounds by Lindsay Young

It’s way too hard to believe that Rosy was once 17 pounds as she walks over to the couch and steps right on top of me; one hundred pounds of blissful body unawareness. I have photographic proof and videos galore, and yet I can’t pin down just when she actually grew in the time we’ve had her.

The puppy thing I’m starting to manage. The added planning, responsibility and the inherent second thought before buying anything that she could get dirty, step on or knock over are all pretty second nature to me now. There were certainly moments of fatigue and we took many steps backwards over the course of moving forwards (like when she just started peeing at other people’s houses long after she was house trained with ours). But I can’t imagine my life without her! And I’m so grateful for her during the many lockdowns we’ve experienced this year.

I’m also so grateful to Flora for asking me to take on this project because it forced me to document Rosy’s growth over the past six months, in size and in so many other ways! It’s been such a cherished and special time.

I know you’re wondering and yes, Rosy still loves all of her BiologicVet supplements — her favorite being the oil/BioFATS! (She’s a foodie, too). Because she’s such a large breed, keeping her in shape and protecting her joints is our number one priority with her health so we’ll likely continue with them for her whole life. Now that she’s a little bit older, we’ve begun introducing the BioJOINT formula for some extra joint support in her diet! As you can see, she’s a huge fan — and towering over the counter tops, she’s incredibly nosy!

With that, thank you so much for following along with Rosy’s journey from puppy-hood to dog-hood.

Love Rosy and Lindsay