Get Cooking This Fall, with Flora

Get Cooking This Fall, with Flora

Now that the heat of summer has passed, it’s time to get back into the kitchen. Did you know Flora offers a selection of premium culinary oils? There are six delicious varieties to try, whether you want to whip up some salad dressing, a dinner entree, or a sweet treat.  Before you get cooking, though, it’s important to know a bit more about your oils.

Why Unrefined?

Refined oils are extracted using heat, which can result in the loss of nutrients, flavor, and aroma. (That’s why some oils taste bland while others are bursting with flavor.) Next, they’re treated with chemicals. Why would anyone do that? Beats us! All our oils are cold pressed, using pressure rather than heat. That’s the secret behind their superior nutritive value, flavor profile, and aroma.

Why Dark Bottles?

Flora’s oils are packaged in dark glass bottles. That’s because UV light is the enemy of freshness. It can cause oils to degrade and oxidize more quickly—and we don’t want that! Our dark glass bottles block out damaging light, keeping them fresh as can be.

Why Is Smoke Point Important?

Every oil has a temperature at which it begins to smoke. When this happens, the oil is oxidizing. (Not good!) You should discard any oil that has begun to smoke and start over with fresh oil. Better yet, keep in mind whether an oil has a high or low smoke point when you cook with it. Flora lets you know all the smoke points of our oils, so you won’t have to waste oil—or disable your smoke detector.

Meet the Oils

  • Organic Sacha Inchi Oil: If you’re looking for something different, Sacha Inchi Oil is just the ticket. Our newest culinary oil is made from seeds native to the Amazon rainforest that are grown by small farms and sustainably harvested. It has a mild, nutty taste that’s ideal for soups and salads. This ginger-lemon apple cider vinegar salad dressing is the perfect introduction to your new favorite oil.

Smoke point: 338 °F

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: If you haven’t yet discovered the difference between standard grocery store olive oil and high-grade culinary olive oil, you’re in for a treat. Our original and best-selling culinary oil is made from certified organic, sun-ripened olives. It has a fruity, nutty flavor with a hint of pepper. Try it in this beet risotto or Beet-za (it’s a pizza with beets in the crust!).

Smoke point: 325 degrees

  • Organic Hydro-Therm Pumpkin Seed Oil: Looking for a way to jazz up your salads, vegetables, and pasta dishes? Our pumpkin seed oil has a beautiful dark green color and a rich, savory pumpkin taste. Perhaps you’re in the mood for a fun fall dessert. Try pumpkin pie ice cream made with pumpkin puree and our pumpkin seed oil.

Smoke point: 225 °F

  • Organic Hydro-Therm Sunflower Oil: Typical sunflower oil has a bland, oily taste and is light yellow in color. Our artisan sunflower oil stands in stark contrast. It’s aromatic and robustly flavored — you can really taste the sunflower seeds! — with a gorgeous, deep golden color. It makes a great homemade mayonnaise.

Smoke point: 225 °F

  • Organic Hydro-Therm Almond Oil: Our almond oil has a delicate, sweet flavor, making it an ideal gourmet salad dressing. Because it has a high smoke point, it’s also a good choice for cooking and baking. Just look at these pretty heart-shaped cookies. Bonus: they’re gluten-free! Alternatively, you can use our almond oil for skin care; it makes a wonderful, nourishing massage oil.

Smoke point: 420 °F

  • Hydro-Therm Sesame Oil: Savory and full-flavored, our Sesame Oil is made from lightly toasted sesame seeds. Browning the seeds before pressing them brings out their natural nuttiness. Our artisan oil enhances the flavor of all kinds of dishes but is particularly well-suited for Asian stir-fries and marinades, like this one.

Smoke point: 350 °F

Welcome fall by experimenting with a new culinary oil in your kitchen, care of Flora! Use promo code COOKING15 for 15% off Flora Culinary Oils through October 11, 2022.