Five Important Supplements for Women’s Health

Five Important Supplements for Women’s Health

Five Important Supplements for Women’s Health

Women make the world go round — are we right? Yet so often, we put the focus on everyone else in our life, while we run on fumes. May is Women’s Health Month — the perfect time for us ladies to put our own needs front and center.

The best way to prioritize yourself is to establish a range of healthy habits — you know, things you do every day to nurture your well-being, rather than a one-off, self-care day. You probably already know how important it is to exercise, eat well, and get enough sleep. Good self-care also means regular gynecological exams (for women 21+), pap smears (for women 21-65), mammograms (for women 40+) and bone density screenings (for women 65+).

One of the simplest daily practices you can establish to support your health and well-being is to take your supplements! Here are five of our favorite supplements for women.


What: Iron

What for: Energy

Women are more likely than men to become low in iron. During the childbearing years, you lose blood regularly thanks to monthly visits from Aunt Flo. And during pregnancy, you give a lot of blood to that little human you’re building. Iron deficiency is rare after menopause, since you no longer lose the mineral through your period every month.

What are symptoms of iron deficiency?

  • Feeling tired — like really tired
  • Being cold all the time
  • Looking pale
  • Having trouble concentrating
  • Finding chips in your nails
  • Coming down with whatever’s going around, yet again

Who’s got time for that? Let’s get you some iron.

Flora has two iron products to choose from. (We’re all about choices.) Flora Iron with B-Vitamin Complex is an easily absorbed liquid iron that comes in a tasty fruit and vegetable juice base. Ferritin+ capsules feature time released and highly absorbable, plant-based ferritin-iron made with organic peas. Both of these popular formulas are vegan and non-constipating. (Believe us on that last point — we’d never do that to you.)


What: Probiotics

What for: Digestion, Immunity, Vaginal Health

There’s a world of microscopic creatures living inside you, and their well-being is closely tied to yours. When they’re in balance, you digest your food comfortably, your immune system is stronger, and your vagina is healthy and happy. When they’re not…well, watch out.

Women’s Care Probiotic is a blend of eight strains of beneficial bacteria specially formulated for women’s bodies. Because it’s shelf-stable, you can take it with you, whether you’re headed to work, a PTA meeting, or a girls’ weekend with your BFF.


What: Hawthorn, Hibiscus, and Passionflower

What for: Heart Health

People often think of cardiovascular health as a men’s issue—but women also need to take care of their hearts. In fact, when you look at the raw numbers, heart health is actually more of a concern for the ladies than the men!

You don’t need to get fancy with your heart supplement. Some of the most effective ingredients for heart health have been around for centuries. Cardio-Essence features a trio of heart-healthy herbs that have stood the test of time — hawthorn, hibiscus, and passionflower — in a base of apple juice with a touch of molasses.*


What: DHA

What for: Heart Health, Brain Health, Fetal Development

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that’s key for heart and brain health.* DHA is especially important for pregnant and nursing women, because it supports the development of baby’s nervous system and eyes, both during pregnancy and the first six months of life.* It’s hard to get adequate DHA from the diet if you’re vegetarian or vegan, since fish isn’t an option. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

Our DHA Vegetarian Algae provides the same essential omega-3 fatty acid found in fish, but from a sustainable, vegetarian source: the algae fish eat.


What: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Vitamin K

What for: Bone Health

As you age, bone health becomes more important than ever. That’s especially true for women. Adequate calcium and vitamin D throughout life, as part of a well-balanced diet, can support strong, healthy bones for a lifetime.*

Bone Health+ with Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamins D & K provides the perfect ratio of calcium to magnesium (2.5: 1), along with vitamin D to improve calcium utilization and trace ocean minerals for holistic bone support.* All that bone goodness comes in a delicious orange-pear juice base.

Take good care, you amazing woman, you. You deserve to be a priority.

 *This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.