Don’t Let These Common Pitfalls Sideline You from the Action

The weather’s warm now and you’re ready for summertime adventures, whether that’s scaling a mountain with your climbing buddy or the play structure of your local playground with your kids.
Here are some common pitfalls that can keep you sidelined from the action—and the nutrients you need to prevent them.

Pitfall #1 – Sore muscles

It’s happened to all of us. You overdo it on a weekend run or bike ride, and the next day you’re stiff and sore all over. Suddenly, hitting the couch and binge-watching your favorite show sounds like a way better idea than getting your heart rate up.


Curcumin (the active constituent in turmeric), omega-3s, and evening primrose oil (EPO) help ease occasional aches and pains, so they’re a great antidote to overdoing it.*<1><2> Need proof? One study found that moderately active guys who were given curcumin before and after a strenuous downhill running exercise had less muscle damage and muscle soreness than the poor blokes who got placebos.<3> Another study discovered that healthy men and women who loaded up on omega-3s for a week before performing bicep curls slashed their post-exercise soreness by 15 percent.*<4> While EPO hasn’t been specifically studied for its effect on muscle soreness, the Danish Olympic team has consistently relied on it to support tissue healing during training.*<5> You get all three in Flora Omega Sport+ (US/CA).

Pitfall #2 – Fractures

Anyone who’s ever loved a sport knows the angst that comes with an injury like a fracture. A broken bone can keep you out of the game you love for six weeks or more, just when you most want to be active.


You know that calcium builds strong bones, but did you know it’s almost worthless without vitamin D and magnesium? Vitamin D allows your body to absorb calcium—and as well all know, you can’t use what you don’t absorb.* And guess which mineral converts vitamin D to its active form? Magnesium!* It also pulls calcium out of the blood, where it shouldn’t be, and into the bones, where it should be, making your skeleton strong.*<6> Salus Calcium Magnesium (US/CA) is a low-dose liquid formula with vitamin D and zinc that allows approximately 98 percent of the elemental calcium and magnesium to be available for absorption by the body.

Pitfall #3 – Lack of Energy

Don’t have the get-up-and-go, even though you’re not injured? Oxidative stress, a kind of damage that occurs to cells during strenuous exercise, could be to blame.<7> Not only does oxidative stress damage your cells, it also mucks up your body’s energy production machinery, leaving you feeling tired. You need adequate sleep, hydration, and rest between workouts to let your body recover from vigorous exercise, but for oxidative stress, you also need antioxidants.


Greens to the rescue! Green foods—such as grasses, chlorella, broccoli, alfalfa, kale, and spirulina—are naturally packed with antioxidants that can mop up all those nasty free radicals that cause oxidative stress.* Get them in Flora’s Green Blend (US) / Beyond Greens (CA). This certified organic fermented greens formula provides the nutrient equivalent of 33 grams of raw, fresh greens in every serving.

Pitfall #4: Summer Setbacks

It’s always shocking when summer is in full swing, you’re feeling invincible, and then an immune challenge comes and flattens you. While you’re more likely to feel under the weather during the cold, wet months of winter, summertime setbacks do happen—and they’re a real drag.


Did you know that strenuous exercise can temporarily lower your immunity? Intense, long-term exercise causes your body to pump out stress hormones. These hormones can stimulate the fight-or-flight response, causing your body to shut down “non-essential” functions including immune function. Both Salus Red Beet Crystals (US/CA) and Flora’s Green Blend (US) / Beyond Greens (CA) naturally contain vitamin C, which helps reduce the frequency and duration of upper respiratory challenges in athletes.*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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