BioJOINT® Advanced Joint Mobility Support

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    BioJOINT® Advanced Joint Mobility Support

    Your pet's diet is the foundation of their good health. In this day and age, environmental factors, pollution, and food processing play an ever-increasing role in the integrity of nutrients in food. Most at risk are vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fatty acids delicate nutrients that are easily damaged. A diet containing the proper amounts of these biologically active nutrients help regulate your pets physiological processes, sustaining their overall health and well-being. BioJOINT® is formulated for immediate pain relief, mobility, long-term healing, and prevention. Joint stiffness, swelling, inflammation, tenderness, and pain ¥ Premature cartilage and connective tissue wear ¥ Hormone imbalance, especially in spayed and neutered pets. Supports normal bone development With BioFIBER for optimal absorption

Suggested Use

  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Orally administer half scoop (2.5 g) per 10 lb of body weight to maximum of 6 scoops daily. Best when taken on a full stomach.
    5 g scoop included (equals 1 Tbsp).

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