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Floradix® is the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in North America. It helps fight back against iron deficiency by promoting the formation of healthy red blood cells. Plus, this safe, low dose, liquid iron supplement is formulated for easy absorption and assimilation and is gentle on the digestive tract due to its use of ferrous gluconate, a highly soluble iron compound.

Floradix® also contains carefully selected plants and ingredients, chosen for their effectiveness and digestibility, including carrots and spinach, among others, and the juices of pears, red grapes, and other nutrient-rich fruits.

  • Each 20 mL serving satisfies the RDA for women of childbearing age
  • Non-constipating
  • Free of alcohol, artificial additives, synthetic preservatives, lactose
  • Packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles
  • Kosher + Non-GMO + Vegetarian
  • Also available in tablets and a yeast and gluten-free formula

Go through our iron-deficiency symptom checklist and read case studies


NPN 02242012
NPN Claims:

  • Helps to prevent iron deficiency (anemia) and to maintain good health.
  • Assists the formation of red blood cells and their proper functions.
  • Supports tissue formation and normal growth.


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Shake bottle gently before use. Take a few hours before or after taking other medications. A measuring cup is provided.

Adults and adolescents (age 15 +): Take 10 ml twice daily before meals.

Children (age 10 – 14): Take 10 ml once daily before a meal.

Children (age 5 – 9): Take 5 ml once daily before a meal.

Children (age 2 – 4): Take 4 ml once daily before a meal.

CAUTIONS: This product contains no alcohol, artificial colors or flavors, parabens, sorbates or other antimicrobial agents. Store unopened bottle in a cool and dry place (15 – 25˚C). Do not contaminate the product by drinking directly from the bottle. Once opened, keep bottle tightly closed and refrigerated at all times. Store upright! Consume within 4 weeks after opening. Do not use if you are allergic to Anethole or plants of the Apiaceae / carrot family. Liquid iron may in some instances cause surface staining to teeth. Rinse mouth with water, or brush teeth immediately after consuming. There is enough iron in this package to seriously harm a child. Keep out of reach of children and keep sealed with childproof cap supplied.

21 reviews for Floradix®

  1. alana

    After feeling tired and run down all the time, I decided to get my blood tested. Sure enough, the test showed that I was low on Iron.

    I decided to give Floradix a try, and after about a month, I started to wake up feeling well rested, my mood improved, and I had more energy throughout my day. My fiancé noticed my improvement as well, and now he can tell when I forget to take it.

  2. Customer

    Is this product allowed for pregnant women?

    • dana

      Hi There, thanks for the question.
      The best liquid iron supplement for pregnant women is Floravit. It has the same iron and B vitamins as Floradix, but the formula has been evaluated in a clinical trial with pregnant women. The juice base is simpler; no honey, yeast or wheat germ, no kelp, citrus or nettle.
      That makes it less likely to be problematic or allergenic to a pregnant mom or for baby.
      I hope that helps! – Flora

  3. Aman

    I have been gaining weight due to crazy busy schedule, besides eating healthy and being vegetarian I always have iron deficiency. Is there any downside of using this.Another question is that I am not able to find out where to buy .I live in Regina (SK), can’t really find anywhere in the store .Can I buy this online ??

  4. Shreya Sharma

    This is really helping me. Can i give this to my 15 years old.she is also iron deficient.

    • Tricia Terpstra

      Hi Shreya,

      Yes! You can absolutely share Floradix with your 15-year-old.

  5. joanne

    best iron to my knowledge. always recommended it to my patients post op for a speedy recovery , especially joint replacements

  6. Jen

    Can I give this to my 13 year old?

    • Robert

      Hi, yes you can give Floradix to your 13 year old. The packaging has directions for ages 2+.

  7. Marissa

    Does this need to be taken with an additional vitamin C supplement?

    • Robert

      Hi – no, it doesn’t. There is a small amount of vitamin C in the formula but the type of iron is already in its active, ready to absorb form, so additional vitamin C isn’t required.

  8. Michele

    How long after starting this should I start feeling the effects?

    • Robert

      Hello Michele,
      The iron and B vitamins should be absorbed and in your system within an hour of taking them. People who are low in iron often start to feel better, more energized within a week or two of using Floradix, sometimes less. Depending how low in iron they are, it may take several weeks to several months before their levels return to normal though.

  9. Canada

    after my blood work i found out i had low iron. i was introduced to Floradix by a friend from the states. She bought me 1 large bottle from the health food store in new jersey. this medicine is so amazing the only thing i can say about it is that it makes my urine have a green to yellow colour when……. Am not tired anymore, my iron went back to normal after re-doing my blood work . I’ve even noticed my period has gotten back to its normal flow i have fibroid and it made my period very heavy so after 3 months of taking floradix my period flow is back to normal thanks floradix !!!!!!

  10. Erica Delaney

    Can a person with Celiac take the regular formation or is it necessary to buy the yeast, gluten free bottle? what in the regular large bottle contains gluten?
    I have been taking this product for many years and it is easy on the stomach. My doctor said to buy palafer from the drug store (pills) but they have too many side effects. Is Floravit sufficient for anemia? thank you

    • Robert

      Hi Erica,
      The original Floradix Formula contains wheat germ so if you are celiac, it’s best to use Floravit, the gluten free version. It has the same type and amount of iron as the original Floradix so will work just as well.

  11. Rita

    For anemia how many months an adult woman needs to take this product to have normal level of red blood cells?

    • Robert

      Hi Rita,
      If you have anemia, it would be best to get dosage directions from your physician as far as how much elemental iron you should supplement with daily. The packaging dosage directions are meant to prevent deficiency only so you may need to take more. Depending on your iron levels, the dosage and individual variables of absorption, it could take several weeks to several months.
      Hope that helps,

  12. Bonnie

    I would like to say this product is excellent. 3 months ago my iron was tested it was 12. After 3 months of taking this product, the level was 20! I feel more energized and dark circles under eyes lightened. I was only taking 20 ml 1x a day. Thank you so much! Floradix.

  13. Nicole

    I really notice an increase in my energy when taking this. I recently Received a new bottle through an online order. The box was unsealed when it arrived. Do the bottles come with any additional shrink wrap seals around the top of the bottle prior to opening? There was no other seal on my product inside the box. If this is normal then I will Use the bottle but if there should be an additional seal, then I will Request a new bottle. Thanks for your help!

    • Robert

      Hi Nicole,
      The box itself is the security layer of the packaging and should come sealed shut. There is no secondary layer on the cap inside the box.
      Thanks for checking and glad to hear you’re getting good results!
      Flora Health

  14. Ghazala

    My daughter 12 years old and her iron level is 3. Can i give her this medicine right now i m giving her Feramax. please let me know.


    • Robert

      Hello Ghazala – yes, your daughter can use Floradix for low iron levels.

  15. Sarah

    hi, what is the main difference between Floradix and Floravit please? Are they essentially the same in terms of helping with the low iron level? Thanks!

    • Robert

      Hi Sarah,
      Floradix and Floravit are the same as far as the iron and B vitamin content. The difference is in the liquid base. Floravit is free from wheat/gluten, honey, kelp, and brewer’s yeast so it’s meant more for people with dietary restrictions or allergies.

  16. jamie murrell

    Good for the whole family. Does this contain soy?

    • Robert

      Hi Jamie,
      No, Floradix does not contain any soy.

  17. Gaby

    I really like this product, but have to count my sugar consumption. How many grams of sugar are there in 10 ml?

    • Robert

      Hi Gaby – each 10 mL dose has 2 grams of sugar from the fruit juices and honey.

  18. Lana

    Hello. What could be the harm if I take this within 1 hour of food intake? Thank you.

    • Robert

      Hi Lana,
      For optimal absorption Floradix is best taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals. Taking it an hour after food may result in reduced absorption of the iron.
      Hope that helps,

  19. Wynn

    Is this product allowed for type 2 diabetes female elderly (70 yrs old) who also has anemia

    • Robert

      Hi Wynn,
      Floradix doesn’t carry any cautions against using it if you have diabetes. There’s 2g of sugar from the fruit juices and honey in each 10 mL dose.
      Hope that helps,

  20. Sasha

    Can I use this while breastfeeding? I heard brewer yeast is great to help promote lactation.

    • Robert

      Hello Sasha,
      Yes, you can use Floradix while nursing.
      In good health,
      Product Information Supervisor

  21. Dina

    Hi there, Can I use this supplement if I have hyperthyroidism? I was suggested not to eat seafood, does this contains any seafood extract in them?

    • Robert

      Hi Dina,
      Yes, you can but it’s best taken 2 hours apart from any thyroid or other medications you may be taking. There are no seafood ingredients at all in the formula.
      In good health,
      Product Information Supervisor

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