Whey Protein For Your Pets

Whey Protein For Your Pets

Quite regularly, our customers ask us about the reasons we use whey protein in our products, specifically BioVITES. Let’s look at the important health benefits whey protein has for your dogs and cats.

What Is Whey Protein?

Originally, whey was simply a by-product of cheese production. Cheesemakers did not have a practical use for this liquid that separated from the milk solids (casein). By the late 1970’s scientists discovered that whey protein had clear nutritional benefits for humans and of course, for pets.

“These proteins are easily digestible and for this reason earned a reputation of an effective protein supplement for body builders and athletes. But most importantly, these proteins in their undenatured form are potent glutathione precursors because of their remarkably high bonded cysteine content.”

Source – http://www.immunehealthscience.com/undenatured-whey-protein.html

Cysteine is an amino acid and a building block of glutathione. It impacts how fast and how much glutathione a body can produce.

Why is Glutathione Important?

Glutathione (GSH) is a protein molecule that animals have in their bodies. It is a powerful antioxidant. Boosting a body’s glutathione production has many health benefits including:

  • Removing xenobiotics (foreign chemical compounds)
  • Regulation of cell growth and division
  • DNA synthesis and repair
  • Immune system support

Source – http://www.immunehealthscience.com/glutathione.html

Antioxidants combat the detrimental effects of cellular oxidation—a naturally occurring process in your pet’s body. Some of the cells in this process become damaged and unstable particles known as free radicals. Free radicals seek healthy cells to repair and stabilize themselves, weakening healthy cells in the process and creating an unhealthy chain of events. Antioxidants limit the effects of free radicals by encouraging their exit from the body naturally, minimizing further damage to healthy cells.

What About Undenatured Whey?

Denatured whey has had its bioactive properties diminished by over processing. While all milk (the source of whey) must be pasteurized, by law, further processing destroys the cysteine bond and lowers the protein’s ability to produce glutathione.

 “…denaturation of whey proteins is a breakdown in the protein structure…that does not affect the food value of a whey protein, but affects its bioactivity.

While the overly processed, denatured whey proteins are still a good source of high-quality, easily digestible protein, they do not possess any immune supporting qualities.”

Source – http://www.immunehealthscience.com/undenatured-whey-protein.html

Undenatured whey, which we use in our BioVITES, is processed at a minimal level and retains its immune supporting qualities. The protein keeps its cysteine bond and helps the body produce glutathione, vitally important for the overall health of your dogs and cats. BiologicVET supplements are a carefully designed holistic system, formulated to work synergistically to maximize the nutritional content of your pet’s diet. The naturally-sourced ingredients are chosen for their high bioavailability of nutrients and the formulas are specifically designed to meet the unique gastrointestinal and metabolic needs of canines and felines.