Meet Your New Iron Supplement: Ferritin+™

Meet Your New Iron Supplement: Ferritin+™

It’s happening! Our revolutionary (well, we think so anyway, but we’re excited for you to try it and see for yourselves!) new iron product Ferritin+™ is here* and ready to change how you feel about iron supplements.

Ferritin+™ is a clinically proven, slow release, plant-based iron supplement that is readily absorbed without causing irritation to the gastro-intestinal tract. Ferritin is an iron-storage protein that our bodies know and use in order to store iron safely. Ferritin+™ is made with organic peas and has 20 mg of elemental iron in each capsule. The iron inside is protected by the ferritin protein and it is absorbed slowly but efficiently in a process unique to ferritin iron. This helps to reduce the gastro-intestinal side effects like oxidative damage, irritation, indigestion, and constipation often associated with iron supplements. Due to its unique protein bound nature, ferritin iron absorption is unaffected by anti-nutritives in the diet like phytates, oxalates or tannins, as well as minerals like calcium. It also doesn’t require vitamin C or other co-factors in order to absorb well. This is the absorption advantage to Ferritin+™.

Each ferritin molecule is packed with iron atoms and uses a unique pathway of absorption, unlike any other form of iron. Ferritin iron consists of a protein ‘cage’ that protects the iron through the digestive tract and protects your digestive tract from the iron as well. It’s what allows for a slow release and absorption over time. The absorption process is called endocytosis – the ferritin protein ‘docks’ with the cells of the intestinal lining at specific sites and releases its iron atoms for absorption into the bloodstream. From there, it can replenish your red blood cells and ferritin iron reserves as needed. Clinical studies of ferritin iron have found that it absorbs as good or better than ferrous sulphate forms of iron. You can learn more about the clinical research supporting Ferritin+™ here.

Anyone dealing with low iron knows how debilitating it can be. Reversing it shouldn’t have to be something you dread due to side effects. Ferritin+™ has the iron content, the absorption advantage, and the side effect free safety profile you need to feel better, faster. Enjoy 15% off this week on our site by using code energy15 at checkout. Leave us a review or comment after a few weeks of supplementing with it – we’d love to hear your feedback and know you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

* Available in the USA and coming soon for Canada