Losing Weight Without Cleansing Reactions

jogging outdoors to lose weight

Losing weight and feeling great?

Dieters can feel as crummy as the cookies they aren’t eating. Why? Detox reactions are related to fat loss. Using diet to cleanse fat-soluble toxins may maintain our motivation and healthy weight loss. Yay! Toxins are either environmental (exogenous), or produced by the body (endogenous), and water soluble (hydrophilic) or fat soluble (lipophilic). We let go of water and water-soluble toxins more easily. Fat is so important to life, the body stubbornly retains fat (and fat-soluble toxins). The toxins that are hardest to eliminate are fat-soluble environmental neurotoxins. They may cause cognitive problems and a host of health imbalances, and they encourage fat retention, slow fat breakdown (thermogenesis), and lessen fat loss.

Could this affect you?

The National Health Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS) sampled fat cells in a regionally diverse sample of the US population. Dioxins and solvents were found in 100% of the population, and were in over 91% of the population at toxic levels. Sources include farm-raised fish (PCBs), exhaust, non-organic food (chlorinated pesticides), and carpeting.

If fat is toxic, shouldn’t losing fat feel good?

Cellular energy uses fat or sugar for fuel. When we exercise and eat less sugar, we mobilize or ‘burn’ fat, and toxins follow triglycerides from modestly harmful fat storage into our blood. Now our gut-liver (enterohepatic) circulation system clears them from the bloodstream. They may be removed, or they may be redeposited in fatty tissues like the brain or in our cellular energy factories (mitochondria), causing permanent damage.

Why would our bodies fail to remove the toxins?

It is critical to flush our fat cells to turn over and remove toxins. Getting lipophilic toxins out requires their release into the blood, a strong release of bile into the gut, and preventing reabsorption there. These 3 essential conditions for removal rarely exist together. From the intestines, with enough fiber, bile takes fats and their toxic baggage to the toilet. Without fiber, up to 94% of toxic bile gets reabsorbed from the blood by the liver and resecreted into the intestines for reuse. The liver, not expecting toxic cells returned, can be overwhelmed, allowing suspended toxins to squeeze into the blood and through the system, binding to fat cells, and increasing the body’s toxic burden, ‘aging’ us. Bile goes through this recycling process several times a day.

So fiber rids us of the lipophilic toxins released when we burn fat?

Yes - when losing weight, eat a balanced diet, including your new BFFs - Bitters, Fiber, and Fat.
  • Optimize your bile flow with bitter herbs.
  • Get plenty of fiber to eliminate polluted bile and to produce fresh bile.
  • Eat good, clean fats to replace contaminated fats in cell membranes and fatty organs.
With these tips, you should find exercise, detoxification, and fat loss more comfortable. By: Dana Remedios