Is It Too Late to Take Elderberry?

Is It Too Late to Take Elderberry?

If you’re thinking spring, we get it. We are, too. But while we’re not going to yank that seed catalog out of your hands or tell you to stop browsing swimsuits online, we do want to put in a quick word for elderberry.

“Wait, isn’t it a little late for elderberry?” you may be wondering. Nope! People tend to think about immune challenges in the fall when the cold weather sets in. That’s when they stock up on tissues, lozenges, and their favorite tried-and-true remedies, like elderberry or vitamin C.

But immune challenges typically peak in late winter — specifically the month of February. And the cold weather season, which starts in October, can last all the way through May. So, if you’re running low on elderberry, now’s the time to stock up.

The Science Behind Elderberry

People from many different cultures — such as Ancient Romans, Native Americans, Northern Europeans, and Russians — have a tradition of using elderberry to bolster the immune system.* (That’s probably not a coincidence.) Now that we have fancy things like test tubes, microscopes, and human clinical trials, there’s hard scientific evidence to back this practice. A recent review of a whopping 33 studies on the topic found that elderberry had “a favorable effect” on upper respiratory health.*[1]

Sambu®Guard Elderberry+ Liquid

The traditional way to consume elderberry is in syrup form. We like traditions, but we also like to mix it up a little, so Flora’s Sambu®Guard Elderberry+ Liquid combines the renowned purple berry with echinacea and licorice for extra respiratory support.*

Pour some Sambu®Guard Elderberry + Liquid into water or your favorite beverage as soon as you feel an immune challenge coming on.* You can also use it like honey or maple syrup: Drizzle the stuff into your oatmeal, spoon some over a baked apple, or mix it with plain seltzer to make an elderberry soda. Sambu®Guard Elderberry + Liquid also comes in a kids’ formula, so your little cootie colonies darlings are protected, too.

Sambu®Guard Elderberry Crystals

We love elderberry so much, we wanted to give you more ways to take it. Our super-cool Sambu®Guard Elderberry Crystals are made from the juice of freshly picked, ripe elderberries — vacuum-dried to protect their potency. You can rehydrate them by sprinkling into beverages or smoothies, but that’s just the beginning. Check out this blog post for 25 ways to use our Elderberry Crystals.

 Acerola Powder

If you’re looking for more immune support, consider Flora’s Acerola Powder.* Acerola is a special kind of cherry — not a very big fruit, but like a battery, it packs a lot of power into a small package. That’s because it’s one of the richest plant sources of vitamin C on earth. That’s right, ounce for ounce, acerola cherries have 12 times the vitamin C content as oranges.

Our Acerola Powder is made from organic acerola juice, dried at a low temperature to preserve every last bit of its antioxidant power. The powder has a delicious, tart taste that mixes well into smoothies, juice, or yogurt. Just one scoop a day provides all the vitamin C your body could want in these cold winter days.

And now you can go back to your swimsuit shopping.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


[1] Van der Gaag EJ, Hummel TZ. Crit Rev Food Sci Nutr. 2020 Jul 10;1-14.