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It’s time to start thinking with our hearts

When it comes to the way we think, we often focus on our heads. The problem is, our minds are shaped by our experiences and can sometimes be colored by hard-to-unlearn routines and bad habits, some of which can have deadly consequences. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, causing one in every fourth deaths in the United States each year, yet many of the things that contribute to it are caused by our actions—smoking, eating unhealthily, inactivity, etc. It’s time to start thinking with our hearts. Here are three health-boosting habits you can start incorporating into your daily routine today to help you focus on living with your heart health top of mind.
  1. Get More ZZZ’s Not getting enough sleep can affect everything from overall health to energy levels and mood, leaving people prone to making unhealthy choices, like choosing the couch over a walk or fast food over a healthful meal. A new cause has recently come to light. Studies have shown that the blue light emitted by phones, tablets, etc., prolongs the time it takes to fall asleep—internal body clocks are disrupted, levels of melatonin are suppressed, deep REM sleep is delayed, and alertness is reduced. Set a bedtime for your devices and brainstorm new ways to unwind—re-visit your bookshelf, go for an evening walk, or explore a new/old hobby.
  2. Plan One Step at a Time When it comes to both food and activity, focus on simple swaps to prioritize health—baked over deep fried, stairs versus elevator, etc. Every decision you face, ask yourself: “Am I thinking with my heart?” When small steps become habit, they can start to contribute to big change.
  3. Shoot from the Heart Give your heart a boost with Cardio•Essence. It contains a synergistic blend of hawthorn, passionflower, and hibiscus to support and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.* Hawthorn berry, flower, and leaf are used in herbal medicine to help maintain and support cardiovascular health in adults, while passionflower is used to aid with stress, and hibiscus is said to support the health of blood vessels.
Good heart health is for life. Healthy steps like these can help you live yours with all your heart.