Healthy Summer BBQ Tips


Summertime is full of warm weather delights, from lazy days spent poolside, to adventurous outings in the great outdoors. For many, the BBQ becomes the center of the culinary universe during the summer. Long afternoons and evenings spent in the company of good friends and family are made even sweeter by fresh summer spreads cooked outdoors. But there are some pitfalls that come along with the festivities, as frequent feasting can take its toll on your health. Thankfully, there are some simple additions and substitutions you can make to your BBQ routine. These will keep you, and your guests, feeling great as they soak up every moment, and savor every bite, the season brings.

Get Gut Ready

Be proactive with your summer health, with Udo's Choice® Enzyme Blend (US/CA). Supplementing with this blend of seven active enzymes promotes proper digestion,* a key ingredient for enjoying the season.

Make Your Salads Super

Take your fresh summer salad to the next level, with the addition of a sweet superfood. Heaven Mountain Goji Berries have an extraordinary and balanced phytonutrient profile, with a mix of beta-carotene, zeaxanthin, betaine, polysaccharides, trace minerals, and vitamins. As a result, these plump, juicy, naturally sweet berries taste great. Your guests, your taste buds, and your body will thank you.

Boost Your BBQ

What makes the difference when it comes to food that tastes good, and food that is truly great? Ingredients. Choosing quality options, like Flora Sesame Oil, can elevate an average dish to something spectacular (and more healthy to boot). Hence, Flora Oils are cold-pressed and unrefined. Plus their seeds are grown organically and selected for their high quality and abundance of essential fatty acids. Therefore, a simple marinade, like this Ginger-Sesame recipe, prepared using Flora’s Sesame Oil, can help take your bbq-ables to the next level.