It is summer in full force right now. I’m talking 90 degree days and hot sunshine. And I am loving it! I love to cool off with popsicles. But, I don’t really like buying popsicles at the store because of all the sugar they contain. So, I created these healthy strawberry popsicles. They are LITERALLY only three ingredients!



  1. Add the strawberries, manuka honey, and water to a blender or food processor. Puree it.
  2. Using a funnel, fill your popsicle molds almost all the way full, leaving a bit of room for expansion during freezing. If you have smaller/larger molds you may come out with more or less than 8 popsicles.
  3. Add the sticks to your molds, place in the freezer. I like to freeze them overnight to make sure they are completely frozen. Enjoy!

Recipe by Rosemary Squires (@thehintofrosemary) a Registered Dietitian in upstate New York, focusing on holistic health and mindful eating. For more of Rosemary’s recipes, visit