Boost Your Immunity This Fall

The change in season sends us back to work and school, but just as quickly, the arrival of seasonal issues can send us back home again. Millions of Americans get taken down by poor immune systems each year, with the average adult suffering from 2-3 colds annually. Those numbers are even higher for children. Our immune systems are built to protect the body from infections and diseases, but sometimes they need a bit of a helping hand. Thankfully, there are things you can do to prevent the tell-tale signs of seasonal illness from taking hold when your body’s natural defenses go down. Here are some tips to help feed, boost, and support your immunity this season.


Diet and nutrition are the building blocks for good health and a strong immune system—what we eat and drink provides nutrients that help fuel our bodies’ growth, development, energy, etc. Superfoods, lauded for their strong nutrient profiles and long list of health benefits, like brightly colored fruits and vegetables (think kale, red peppers, or citrus fruits), can provide a quick hit of nutrients to help your body operate at its best. Up your intake of power-packed superfoods as cold season approaches, and give your body a fighting chance to fight back.


Studies in the United States have shown that vitamin D may play a role in boosting the immune system. How can you up your vitamin D intake? Direct sunlight, as well as foods like salmon, or others fortified with vitamin D, are a great way to go. Plus, focusing on upping your vitamin D makes for a great excuse to get out and soak up some of this key immune-boosting vitamin when that autumn sun is shining.


Noticing the first tell-tale signs of a seasonal issue coming on? There are natural ways to support your immune system to help stop symptoms in their tracks before they become full-blown. Sambu Guard (US/CA) combines wild-grown elderberries, long embraced in central Europe for their traditional uses, with elder flowers and other immune-enhancing ingredients, for a delicious and synergistic immune-boosting blend. Ideal for the whole family, this herbal syrup can help support and secure your body’s natural defenses when you need them most.