Three Simple Tips for Avoiding Holiday Indigestion

Bloating, cramping, and gas: these are very common—and frustrating!—symptoms of indigestion.
Most, if not all of us, will feel these symptoms at one time or another… and it’s most common after we’ve enjoyed an over-sized plate of something delicious at a holiday party.
Isn’t “bloated and gassy” the last thing you want to be during a nice holiday get-together? It’s not exactly the best accessory for your favorite party outfit.
Holiday season indigestion comes from three factors: too much food, some seasonal foods and drinks (like eggnog), and a stressed-out, busy schedule. All three wreak havoc on your digestive system. Our digestive system doesn’t work well under stress. It doesn’t work well under pressure in general; it prefers us to be super relaxed and happy for it to be on top of its game.
When we combine feeling stressed with eating too much rich food, we get that over-full, button-popping, bloated indigestion that we usually feel at least once during this season.
But this doesn’t have to be your reality. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can glide through all of your holiday parties and meals in your favorite outfit, feeling great!

Eat slowly

This can take some self-control when all of the food looks amazing, but it can make a huge difference. By eating slowly and chewing well, you’re taking a lot of pressure off your digestive system. Plus, slow eating will automatically stop you from gobbling up everything in sight.

Put less food on your plate

This little trick can make it much easier to slow down and chew. But don’t worry, you can always get seconds if you’re still hungry. Bonus: the host will love to see that you’re ready for more. Having less food on your plate will give you a moment to pause and see if you’re actually still hungry. Too often, we just keep eating until our plate is empty without being aware if we’re still even hungry.

Bring some digestive helpers

As hard as you try, chances are you’ll either eat too much or eat foods that don’t necessarily agree with you. So bring some digestive helpers with you!
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive enzymes (US/CA) can really help your holiday meal digest better. They help out your digestive system and take some pressure off your stomach. They’re even easy to carry with you in your pocket or purse. <Read more>
Digestive Bitters
Digestive bitters (US/CA) help with fat digestion and can relieve that over-full, gut-popping feeling. They’re harder to travel with, so take them before a meal if you’re at home, or take some at the end of the night if you’re feeling totally stuffed. <Read more> With these few simple tricks, your holiday parties and dinners can be all fun and gas-free… or at least significantly less gassy.
Lisa Kilgour is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), founder of, and a faculty member at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.