Sincerely, Hugo, Steve & Teresa


Hugo began suffering from back spasms during the summer of 2012. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 disc disease I wanted to find something that would control the spasms, help repair the damage that the spasms were causing and make it possible for Hugo to run and play without suffering the consequences the next day.

He started BioJOINT in November 2012 along with the BioFATS. That winter, Hugo only had one spasm! Not only that, the BioFATS formula helped his skin and coat as his skin allergies diminished drastically!

At his last vet checkup, we were told that Hugo was one of the most muscular Yorkies the vet had ever seen in 28 years of practice! His form and structure were amazing. The vet was beyond impressed.

Hugo is going to be 7 years old in April and is still able to run and jump like a puppy without hurting his back and we owe it all to BioJOINT. Thank you, BiologicVET, from the bottom of our hearts!