“When I first became anemic, approximately 6 years ago, I began taking ferrous gluconate tablets, as recommended by my physician. I never really felt comfortable taking iron supplements. I wanted to get to the roots of my problems. I was always “too busy” with a full time job and raising two boys that I thought I had no time to investigate. After quitting my job, I began concentrating on my health and needs. I questioned my doctor and began reading everything I could get my hands on. I wanted to get to the roots of my health problems – being anemic and having hypothyroidism. In the meantime, I needed an iron supplement I felt comfortable with.

That’s when I learned about Floravit. I heard about your product through friends and through a few health journals/magazines. Floravit satisfied all the requirements – gluten free, yeast free and alcohol free. While taking Floravit, my iron storage levels stabilized.”