Maggie P.

“I started taking FloraSil about two and a half years ago. I was experiencing hair breakage at an alarming rate and I had problems with my nails chipping and breaking off easily, but the most difficult part was my thumbnails. They would create this downward line towards my cuticle and then break open. This happened as soon as they would begin to show any growth at all. It was frustrating. They would catch my clothing and hair. I would say it took about a year of taking FloraSil before they completely healed. 

I know it wasn’t something it did on its own because now, since I haven’t taken it for about 6 months, the problem has returned. My hair was also shiny, and for the first time, I was able to grow it longer than I had ever been able to before. I started out taking two capsules every day. Then after a year, I switched to one.

I also found that I had loads of energy after taking it for about three months. It’s an awesome product, and now that I’m getting back on my feet, I’ll be sure to start again. I have no problem endorsing your product. It’s wonderful!”