“After a long period of feeling tired and dragged out, I began to notice that other women who looked much older than me seemed to be full of life and energetic. I began to wonder how at only 45 yrs. old I could feel more like I was 60. I think the problem happened so slowly that I did not recognize it until it was very bad, and I assumed it was normal aging.

When I decided to visit my doctor I could barely function. I was tired all the time and every task was overwhelming. I started drinking coffee at work just to stay awake. I also could not remember anything unless I wrote it down. My doctor ordered blood tests and said my iron was extremely low and I was anemic. He prescribed high doses of iron pills three times a day. These pills gave me diarrhea quite badly so he changed the type of iron to a prenatal type. They also gave me diarrhea. I read about Floradix in a magazine and decided to try it. This was about 3 years ago. At first I wanted to be very careful in case it also caused diarrhea and so instead of taking the recommended dose of 10ml twice a day, I took 10ml only once a day. I was amazed that it did not irritate my system and doubled the dose. I was delighted with the results, but just as it had taken a long time to become anemic, it also took a few months before I felt normal again.

Now if I even feel a little bit tired I make sure I have my big bottle of Floradix in the refrigerator just to be sure, and I feel great.”