Caroline B.

“I was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in June, had emergency surgery to remove a lymph node that was strangling my small intestine and a lymph node from my neck.

Within 2 weeks I started chemotherapy treatments. I had six treatments and in November was told that the cancer was gone. I am now dealing with many post chemo issues, one is low iron.

I spoke with my sister Ellen F (who owns a health clinic). She recommended that I try the Floradix iron tonic. I’ve been taking 2 doses of this iron tonic – one in the morning and one at night – for approx 3 weeks. My hemoglobin was 102 and is now 119.  Normal range for a woman is 120 to 160. This is the highest my hemoglobin has been in several months.

Thank you for making a product that works quickly with no side effects!”