Ashley Hyde, Regina SK

I own two dogs who thrive off of the BioSPORT and BioJOINT products. I compete in a wide variety of dog sports with my dogs such as flyball, agility and disc.

My Whippet, Forza, had a really nasty shoulder injury shortly before flyball nationals, and we started to double up our dosage of BioSPORT and BioJOINT to help heal his injury. Lo and behold, he came to CanAm and ran flawlessly all weekend, running a new personal best time! I have BiologicVET to thank for that. In the summer, he used to melt and slow right down after two races. Now using BioSPORT, his endurance has improved 100% and he runs his fastest at the end of the day on the second day of racing!

Vibe and I competed at a flyball tournament this weekend! She rocked it all weekend and was still ready to go again today!

Thanks to BioSport!!