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Keto: 5 Strategies for Doing It Right

July 12, 2019

Feeling the lure of the keto diet? Two big reasons people try it are because they hope to drop weight or to heal from health issues. Getting into a ketotic state can provide better clarity and mental energy, resolve some chronic neurological and energy disorders, and can even have metabolic advantages. While there are potential benefits, ‘going keto’ is not foolproof. It is often misunderstood and can create problems. The greater and swifter the diet change, the more the adjustments…

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Losing Weight Without Cleansing Reactions

January 10, 2016
Exercise, Losing Weight

Losing weight and feeling great? Dieters can feel as crummy as the cookies they aren’t eating. Why? Detox reactions are related to fat loss. Using diet to cleanse fat-soluble toxins may maintain our motivation and healthy weight loss. Yay! Toxins are either environmental (exogenous), or produced by the body (endogenous), and water soluble (hydrophilic) or fat soluble (lipophilic). We let go of water and water-soluble toxins more easily. Fat is so important to life, the body stubbornly retains fat (and…

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