Floravital Iron + Herbs

Looking to soak up the iron boosting benefits of the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in North America, in a yeast- and gluten-free formula? Salus Floravital® Iron + Herbs may be the solution you’re seeking.

Iron deficiency knows no boundaries – from women (it is estimated that up to 26% of reproductive aged women are iron deficient), to athletes, the elderly, and vegetarians – shortage of this mineral is widespread. Iron is an essential element for the body, and when it’s low, energy levels decrease. Other tell-tale symptoms include: weakness, pale skin, dark under-eye circles, brittle hair and nails, shortness of breath, and cold hands and feet. Think you may be deficient? Flora has a time-tested formula that may help.

Salus Floravital® Iron + Herbs provides the same benefits as Floradix®, the best-selling natural liquid iron supplement in North America, in a yeast- and gluten-free formula. It helps fight back against iron deficiency by promoting the formation of healthy red blood cells.* Plus, this safe, low dose, liquid iron supplement is formulated for easy absorption and assimilation, and is gentle on the digestive tract.

  • Each 20 mL serving satisfies the RDA for women of childbearing age*
  • Free of alcohol, artificial additives, and synthetic preservatives
  • Free of yeast and lactose
  • Packaged in environmentally friendly glass bottles
  • Kosher + Gluten-Free + Non-GMO + Vegan

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