Apple Cider Vinegar Turmeric & Cinnamon

Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Tonics

Flora’s Apple Cider Vinegar Wellness Tonics take the health benefits of apple cider vinegar to the next level. Available in four different varieties—Ginger & Lemon, Turmeric & Cinnamon, Red Beet, and Elderberry—these unique wellness tonics pair apple cider vinegar with digestive, antioxidant, and detoxifying herbs. The result is a daily wellness tonic with flavors that are complex, enticing and entirely drinkable!

  • A tangy drink that’s safe to take every day
  • Thoughtfully brewed in small batches at our production facility in Burnaby, British Columbia
  • Made with premium-quality apple cider vinegar manufactured in the USA
  • Include the cleansing herbs of our classic detox formula, Flor•Essence
  • Complex and enticing flavors that refresh while they revitalize
  • Organic + Non-GMO + Gluten-Free + Vegan + Caffeine-Free

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