Onigiri & Pickled Ginger with Elderberry Crystals

January 8, 2019

We are loving this DIY pickled ginger.

It’s a no-fuss, no-cook, easy-peasy pickle.

Pickled ginger, often called sushi ginger, is a warming and versatile complement to a variety of dishes, brightening up root veggies, buddha bowls, and our favorite, onigiri (rice balls).

Unfortunately, it usually has artificial color, sugar, and aspartame.

Not this homemade version!

It’s a pickle fit for a cleanse!

It’s a snap to make with just a handful of ingredients, too; ginger, vinegar, salt, and elderberry crystals.

Pickle like a pro:

  • If you have fine salt or young, thin, pink ginger root, you will need less salt.
  • If the ginger is tough, cook for two minutes in the vinegar mixture before jarring.
  • These are edible immediately, but a couple of days will allow the flavor to mellow.
  • These should last a month in the refrigerator – keep the ginger submerged in the brine.

Dana Green Remedios, RHN, RNCP, is a Vancouver-based educator and coach. She is a regular contributor to the FloraHealthy blog and can answer your questions in English, French, and Spanish as a Product Information Specialist at Flora.

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