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April 2021

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Flora Quality Control and Ingredient Adulteration

April 29, 2021
If you feel like you’ve been guest-starring in Groundhog Day: Pandemic Edition for the past year+ and the days, weeks and months are all starting to bleed together, you’re not alone. It’s never been a better time to take your health and well-being seriously. It is springtime though and the weather is gorgeous, so after a leisurely walk you find yourself standing in the supplements section of your favorite, local store. The colors, fonts, images and claims of the packaging...

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Featured Health

Introducing: Bone Health+

April 27, 2021
Finally, a truly comprehensive, vegan, liquid bone health formula! At least 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men are expected to suffer a bone fracture due to osteoporosis at some point in their lives. This is a sobering fact compounded by the fact that by age 40, our bone building years are largely behind us and a slow, gradual decline is on the horizon. Fortunately, we can be proactive with diet, supplements, and exercise to mineralize and build...

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Love Your Mother (Earth)

April 22, 2021
In some countries, Earth Day is called Mother Earth Day. That’s a recognition that nature is our source, our wellspring. Without the Earth, we wouldn’t exist. That’s why we consider it a central part of our mission at Flora to delivery eco-friendly products from herbs that are grown, processed, and packaged in a sustainable way and to make our headquarters as green as possible. And to keep us focused on these goals, we have established an active Health and Safety...

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Let’s Talk About Periods

April 20, 2021
It wasn’t too long ago that mentioning the word “period” could clear a room in ten seconds flat. Luckily, we’ve come a long way in a few decades. And yet, there’s still stigma around menstruation. Which is kinda ridiculous, considering it’s a totally natural process that happens to half the population and is essential for the continuance of the human race. So let’s bust those tabooed doors open and talk about periods! Women have a lot of periods. On average,...

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The Most Powerful Ashwagandha Supplement For Stress Relief

April 13, 2021
This post was originally posted by Better Living. None of the information presented is intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease. For more information, please visit We’ll never be able to completely avoid stress. Unfortunately, all those traffic jams, bills, work deadlines, relationship issues, and frustrating lines at the grocery store are just part of life.  But day after day they can make you feel tired and zapped of energy.  Stress can also cause hormone imbalances, depression, poor...

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Get Your Energy Back

April 8, 2021
Get Your Energy Back, with Iron + Herb™ Spring is a perfect time to get more active, after a pandemic winter of binging Netflix on the couch. But if the idea of starting your garden or taking the kids for a bike ride in the park feels overwhelming, there may be something wrong. It’s normal to have a few days of low energy. But we’re talking about the kind of ongoing fatigue that makes simple things feel like a chore....

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Featured Health Recipes

Pink Chickpea Salad with Red Beet Crystals

April 1, 2021

There’s something inherently magical about this light and bright dish. We eat with all of our senses, not just taste! And this salad gives our eyes a treat before dazzling our taste buds too! Serves: 4 Time: 10 minutes Ingredients: 1 14oz can chickpeas, rinsed and drained 2 stalks celery, finely chopped ¼ red onion, diced ½ cup fresh mixed herbs Dressing: ¼ cup plain yogurt Juice of one orange 2 tbsp Red Beet Crystals 1 garlic clove, minced ¼…

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