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December 2019

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Finding a Way in the Winter

December 10, 2019

Well, it’s that time of year where it starts to get dark at 5 pm, it’s COLD in the morning, and our motivation to exercise starts to wane. It’s tough, I get it—finding a way to fit in some “me” time and exercise takes a bit of planning this time of year, but we all have to face it. Sometimes, once you’re out the door, it can make all the difference in your day. Here are a couple of ways to…

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The Ultimate Healthy Fat-Loss Trifecta?

December 5, 2019

While I believe in biochemical individuality, I feel that everyone, regardless of their decision to follow a keto or plant-based or any other type of diet, should consume a variety of nutrient-dense whole foods and limit their intake of empty convenience foods. This helps us stay healthy and disease-free and maintain healthy body composition. Additionally, most of us can benefit by choosing to eat more fiber-rich, low-sugar produce and good fats. Healthy low-carb living that includes salads and green smoothies…

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Thinking Deeper About Our Impact

December 4, 2019

I’ve always been concerned with how much impact I have personally on the world. I try to do as much as I can to reduce my impact, from putting up solar panels and riding my bike to using as many reusable items as I can. But this has become more of a challenge within the last year as I’ve become a small business owner. As a business owner, it’s easy to get in the habit of doing whatever it takes…

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Featured Lifestyle

Your Pet’s Joint and Ligament Health

December 3, 2019
joint and ligament

I’ve seen firsthand how a beloved pet’s mobility and enjoyment of life is impacted by ligament tears. As dogs age and signs of degenerative joint and ligament ‘wear and tear’ from an active life start to appear, they start doing less and have more difficulty with basic daily activities. Because dogs can’t communicate with language how they are feeling and often have high pain thresholds, we have to watch for early signs of joint and ligament issues. Certain breeds of…

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