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Pregnancy & Iron’s Importance in Every Stage

August 13, 2019

You need one gram of iron to grow a baby. That’s the iron equivalent of 177 steaks! [1] When it comes to pre-pregnancy planning, our primary focus is usually making sure we’re getting enough folic acid to prevent complications… but it looks like we need to add iron to the list. Iron plays a very important role in pregnancy. A low-grade or undetected deficiency can interfere with a healthy pregnancy and may even affect future pregnancies. Iron helps deliver oxygen…

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“Chick” Nuggets: The Nuggets You Love, Only Healthier

August 12, 2019
"chick" nuggets

Healthy homemade “Chick” Nuggets. When I say healthy, I mean nuggets made to supply vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, like omega-3 and fiber, that kids tend to be low in, while avoiding the weird chemicals, bad fats, and excess sodium common to the fast-food versions. Why make nuggets at all? In my experience, toddlers and teenagers alike are often happy to eat anything golden, bite-sized, crispy, and handheld. In fact, several years ago, Jamie Oliver made the shocking and disappointing…

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Rosemary Skewers with Sweet & Citrusy Italian Dressing

August 7, 2019

Celebrate summer barbecues with veggies, infused with rosemary and drizzled with a citrusy Italian dressing. This simple sauce puts a healthy twist on classic Italian flavors with sweet orange in place of vinegar and Udo’s Oil in place of a commercial variety grain oil. The result is mellower than the typical store-bought variety and significantly healthier. We enjoyed it paired with grilled summer veggies and rosemary. With such simple everyday ingredients, you can easily use it to dress everyday salads on short notice. It’s an…

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Balsamic Portobello Steak Infusion

August 7, 2019

Infuse your portobello mushrooms with mucho umami for a versatile and satisfying dish that will please your friends—even if they eat vegan and/or keto! Makes enough infusion for four large cleaned & trimmed portobello mushroom caps. (Vegan / Keto / LCHF) Portobello Steak Serving Suggestions Roast herbs and garlic alongside the mushrooms.  To serve as vegan burger patties for 4, tuck the mushroom caps in between toasted buns. Serve with salad. For a clean vegan keto meal option, serve on a bed…

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How to Use Udo’s Oil

August 6, 2019

Do you get enough healthy fat? Many people don’t consume enough, especially essential omegas. Omega-3, -6 and -9 oils are safe to use in meals for the whole family, not just smoothies! Udo’s Oil is a great way to balance a meal, make a snack more satisfying, or finish off a dish of any kind. How Much Udo’s Oil? Using 2 – 3 tablespoons daily seems to work well for most adults and children 10 years and older. Even babies…

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Beautiful Skin for Life with EPO – The “Insider” Secrets for an Inside-Out Approach

August 6, 2019
beautiful skin

This isn’t a typical “Top ten rules for beautiful skin” list. I want great skin that is smooth, even, and healthy, beautiful skin that glows with or without makeup. There is nothing wrong with aging, I just want to age well. When my skin is irritable or overreacts, my mood mirrors that. Great skin helps me feel great. If you’re like me, you’ve tried tips like drink water, sleep, and eat healthy fats and were not blown away by the…

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Family Recipes

Sunburn ‘Sicles: Red Beet Ice Pops

August 1, 2019
ice pops

For the kids and the kids at heart, try this electrolyte replenishing, oxygenating ice pop post-play. I’m fairly certain it’s well known that when we engage in physical activity, we lose important electrolyte minerals through sweat and exertion. To restore that fluid balance and help our muscles recover from exercise, beverages that contain these electrolytes are extremely important. Where do we get these electrolytes if not from Gatorade? Of course, filtered water should contain trace minerals that allow us to…

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