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May 2019

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Running for the Long Haul

May 9, 2019

Healthy Habits That Are Imperative to Doing Just That I’m no stranger to the endurance realm. Having raced in long-distance ultra running events and completed in a long list of personal and challenging multi-day epics is what I thrive on. That being said, how do I keep this one body I have happy and healthy? Similar to many other endurance athletes who have been pushing their body to the limits, I have ridden the roller coaster of ups and downs…

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Health Seasonal

Taking Care of Yourself on Mother’s Day and Every Day

May 7, 2019

Let’s face it: moms usually put themselves last. They think about their needs after they’ve met their kids’, partners’, and co-workers’ needs. We get it. Some of us at Flora are moms, too, and we’ve done the same thing. But we’d like to introduce a radical idea. (Drumroll, please.) Moms, you are the star of your own life, and you deserve to prioritize your own wellness. That means self-care is an ongoing need, not just a bubble bath on Mother’s…

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Health Recipes

Papayalicious Smoothie

May 2, 2019

With a base of sweet, luscious papaya, this easy-to-make smoothie is true to its name. The Papayalicious Smoothie helps this tropical fruit shine, together with your favorite fruit juice, creamy and perfectly tart yogurt, and a hint of natural sweetness. In addition to their distinctive, sweet taste, papayas are rich in vitamin A, plus they bring an especially potent form of beta-carotene to the table – a great addition for healthy skin and eyes. So mix up, drink up and…

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