Soothing Chamomile Tea

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    Flora Soothing Chamomile Tea is a blend that's steeped in history - from ancient Egypt to old Europe, this sweet and flowery tea has long been embraced as a nighttime favorite to help you stay calm. Sourced from the finest quality, organic chamomile flowers, Flora's Soothing Chamomile Tea brings the rich tradition of this valued flower to you.

      • Caffeine-Free + Kosher + Non-GMO + Organic

Suggested Use

  • Bring fresh, cold spring water to a boil. Pour over a bag of Flora Soothing Chamomile and steep 4-5 minutes to desired strength. Squeeze bag gently and remove. Hot or iced, this is a sublime thirst-quencher.

Supplement Facts

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  • Organic chamomile flower.