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Biological Aging –How Your Body can be Younger than Your Years and 3 Things to Try!

June 2, 2020

Aging happens We age, like it or not. I’m in a social group curious about aging. Members share advice, laugh, compare, and commiserate. Many embrace getting chronologically older, but none wish to speed the physical aging process, or know what to expect from it. Understanding Aging Bio-gerontologists study aging professionally, finding techniques to influence aging. They integrate fields like biology, math, and genetics1 to develop longevity hacks. Science shows that the number of years you have been here are just…

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Your Biological Age and Flor·Essence®

January 23, 2020

What is Biological Age? Biological age, as opposed to your chronological age, is a measure of your inner health – the state of your cellular health. This is influenced by your genetics and lifestyle choices. It’s a measure of your “true” age because it measures how well you are taking care of your body by measuring the damage done. For example, a well-maintained car will run for a very long time. The same car, poorly maintained, will breakdown within a…

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