Rob Krar – Athlete Spotlight

July 14, 2016

Rob Krar – Photo Credit: Ken Etzel

Flora Ambassador, Rob Krar, shares some fun facts with us for this month’s athlete spotlight. Rob has been a Flora ambassador for several years now and has seen much success in his trail running adventures. Some notable first place finishes include: Western States 100 miler, The Canyons Endurance Run 100k, Bootlegger 50k, Run Rabbit Run 100 miler, Leadville 100 miler, UROC 100k, and the Leona Divide 50 miler. A previous pharmacist on the side, Rob has made a career out of the the things he enjoys most: running, nature, and living life!

Full name: Rob Krar
Nickname: Christina calls me “honey bunny”
Birthday: In the thick of the hoilday season when Bing Crosby reigns supreme
Age I am: Such an irrelevant number
Age I feel: Much younger than that irrelevant number
My occupation: Student of life
What I do for a living: I haven’t figured that out yet
Resident of: Flagstaff, AZ (not the Arizona most think of)
Grew up: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
First job: Bag checker at the rec center
Childhood ambition: I was a little lost back then
Sunrises or sunsets: Sunsets
Morning or night: Coffee or beer—tough question
Ferris wheel or roller coaster: Roller coaster
Inspired by: Risk, adventure, & the unknown
Proudest moment: Falling in love
Passionate about: Finding my place in this world
One word to describe me: Complicated
Wouldn’t be caught dead: Dancing in public
Perfect day: Adventure, friends, good drink, and falling into bed exhausted
Best gift: Finding peace on the trails
Workout routine: Keep the easy days easy and the hard days hard
What I eat before a run: Oatmeal with nuts, goji berries, and cinnamon
Flora products I love: Floradix Iron, Manuka Honey, Culinary Oils, Goji Berries, and Super 8 Probiotic
Average weekly mileage: 80 miles

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