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Emerald Spirulina Bites

April 27, 2021

Enriched by the elements and cultivated with care, Gandalf Organic Spirulina is a power-packed superfood and natural protein source.

Rich in beta carotene, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, Spirulina has existed for more than three billion years. In fact, it’s one of the oldest living organisms on earth, and considered by some, to be nature’s original superfood.

Holistic Nutritionist & Food Creative, Lindsay Young, developed Emerald Spirulina Bites, putting the long list of nutritional benefits of spirulina at your fingertips.

This week only, use the code ‘gandalf15’ for 15% off Gandalf Organic Spirulina at checkout.

Lindsay Young @eatyoungnutrition is a nutritionist and lover of food from around the world. She’s passionate about making healthy, home cooked food accessible and approachable for everyone. She hosts workshops in her home town, Kelowna, sees clients and works as a recipe developer and food photographer.

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