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July 2021

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Road Trip Essentials: A Packing List to Make Your Road Trip Go Smoothly

July 20, 2021
Summer’s in full swing and lots of folks are hearing the call of the open road. Whether you’re taking a trip you’ve been planning for months or escaping for a spur-of-the-moment weekend getaway, what you pack can make or break your trip. Depending on where you’re going, you may need a bathing suit, hiking boots, your bike helmet, or dressy clothes for a fancy restaurant. But no matter where you’re headed, these travel essentials will serve you well:   Face...

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Do You Even Science, Bro?

July 15, 2021
Clinical Trials and Supplements Jokes aside, having research papers that support your dietary supplement’s health claims is a huge boon in most global markets. In many cases, it allows for product specific health claims that rise above generic ones. It gives extra confidence and reassurance to consumers that what they’re investing in for their health will actually work for them. There are many different kinds of research articles that might be whipped out in support of a product or ingredient...

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The 7-11 for Getting the Most out of Iron (Everything Absorption)

July 13, 2021
Today we separate the truth from the fiction when it comes to taking iron. You should come away clear about what you can do to improve your iron absorption. Why 7-11 (and not 411)? Because we will clear up 7 confusions and provide 11 solutions. When we find out we are low in iron, or someone that we care for is low in iron, we might start consulting Dr. Google, as one does. We might find interesting facts and theories,...

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6 Ways to Help Keep Your Bones Strong & Healthy

July 8, 2021

6 NUTRIENTS TO HELP KEEP YOUR BONES STRONG AND HEALTHY Did you know that all of our bones, pound for pound, are 4 times stronger than concrete, and inch for inch stronger than steel? Reaching peak bone density at around age 30, our bone strength can start to decline as we head toward middle-age. But keeping our bones strong and healthy is important no matter how old we are.  In the United States alone, it’s estimated that about 8 million women…

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Bone Health, Collagen and Mineralization

July 6, 2021
Bone up on your Bone Knowledge Most people know that bone is made of minerals, like calcium. But despite well-intentioned folks taking huge calcium pills daily, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will have an osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime. Fractures from osteoporosis are more common than heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer, combined! We clearly have not given our bones everything they need. In some cases, a terrible diet is to blame. But how many of...

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Café Mocha Morning Smoothie with Udo’s

July 2, 2021
Recipe and image courtesy of Lindsay Young,@eatyoungnutrition Café Mocha Morning Smoothie Category Featured Health Recipes Serving Size 1 (cup) Prep Time 5 minutes Total Time 5 minutes Notes * To make coffee ice cubes: brew one cup of coffee any way you like. Let it cool and pour into an ice cube tray. When the coffee is frozen store the ice cubes in a glass container in your freezer. Use decaf or a coffee substitute if you would prefer the...

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