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February 2020


Cinnamon Bun Granola

February 27, 2020

Remember being a kid and eating sugary cereal? That cereal that turns your milk into this colored and flavored goodness? That’s exactly what this granola does – except without the blood sugar spike, the unhealthy additives, and processed sugar. This granola might take up a good part of your afternoon to make, but it’s so worth it! Lindsey Young is a registered holistic nutritionist, advocate for intuitive eating, and functional food recipe creator. For more delicious recipes, follow her on…

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Cell Health and Aging: Levelling up Your Longevity

February 25, 2020

This is the year we deploy some 20/20 vision in order to focus on healthy aging. To do so, we are going to train the microscope of our mind’s eye on that basic unit of life: the cell. A lot of longevity and life extension research and bio-hacks focus on cellular health for good reason: the cell is the building block our tissues and organs are made from and the starting point of all health and disease. Improving cellular health…

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Pet Care

The Importance of Lignans for Your Pet

February 20, 2020

We have all been encouraged to spay or neuter our pets. But the unintended consequence of these procedures is a hormonal imbalance which may cause disease and symptoms including: skin and coat issues (dryness, dandruff, itching, etc.) mammary or prostate gland issues (swelling, abnormal shape) incontinence weight gain various forms of cancer For any pet, whether desexed or not, plant compounds that are extremely useful for hormonal balance and immune health, are missing from their daily diet. This group of…

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Coconut Yogurt

February 19, 2020

Adeline Waugh enjoys challenging the status quo by developing beautifully vibrant recipes using only the purest of real food ingredients. Find her on Instagram @vibrantandpure and visit her website at

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Health Holidays Lifestyle

The Health Benefits of Love and Connection Are Available to Everyone

February 11, 2020

Love has powerful human benefits. What is the single greatest way to have a mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually fulfilling life? After an astonishing seventy-nine years of studying this question, the most comprehensive research ever done on human lives concluded that it is to love and let yourself be loved. Love has physical benefits – it’s science Love is a powerful emotion, right up there with feeling free, joyful, grateful, empowered, or appreciative. Our hearts love love. When humans feel…

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Pet Care

Preventing Join Disease in Your Dog

February 6, 2020

Health is a choice; it depends on all the little choices we make daily.  Diet, nutrition, activity level, breeding or genetics and emotional state all play significant roles in your dog’s health.  Every choice you make effects these influences in small or big ways.  No matter how small these influences may be they can add up in multiples to a significant positive or negative result. The control you have over your companion pet’s health starts from the time you decide…

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Featured Health Seasonal

The Power of Elderberry

February 4, 2020

If you’ve made it this far into winter without you or someone you love being flattened by an immune challenge, you may be feeling victorious. Don’t celebrate just yet though. The peak season for winter gremlins is January-February and doesn’t end until April, meaning we’ve still got at least another month or two before we’re out of the woods. You’ve probably already got tissues and vitamin C stockpiled, but there’s another item you’ll want to add to your winter wellness…

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