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Herb & Supplement Encyclopedia:

by Suzanne Diamond, B.Sc., M.Sc. Botany

We have compiled an Herb and Supplement Encyclopedia that you can search through to learn more about natural remedies.
This herbal and supplement encyclopedia was written in an effort to provide accurate and up-to-date information on herbs that are commonly used in herbal preparations in Canada and the United States. Covering both historical usage and the latest scientific findings, each herbal monograph lists the 'traditional' uses in point form and also outlines the most well-founded indications and relevant research in a short overview paragraph.

The information on indications and suggested amount for each herb is largely based on the German Pharmacopoeia and other authoritative sources. We have also listed the traditional use of these herbs by First Nations healers wherever possible, out of respect and great appreciation for their healing wisdom and insight, often born out by science.

Around the world, traditional healers, using plant medicines, provide health care to 80% of the human population, over 4 billion people. Medical doctors in Germany, China, India and the rest of the world use herbs because they are efficacious medicines. In nearly every country, except in North America, herbs and other alternative therapies are conventional, and much research has been conducted on them in countries like Germany that substantiates their effectiveness.

There is no question that significant improvements to national health will be achieved when the public at-large begins to re-learn about these herbs that were traditionally used by our ancestors.

Please Note: Supplement Monographs are denoted by (Supp.)


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