Sambu®Guard Knocks out Cold Symptoms


Immune formulas that pack a powerful punch

  • Supportive therapy in the treatment of respiratory tract infections
  • Supports immune function
  • Additive, heavy metals, preservative free
  • Packaged in glass - not plastic
  • Gluten / Alcohol / Non-GMO Free

ColdGuard for Kids contains no honey nor fructose, and has significantly higher amounts of vitamin C than the original formula. Containing liquorice extract to soothe sore throats and coughs, and a bit of raspberry flavouring for added taste.

With Elderberry being rich in nutrients and natural vitamin C, Sambu Elderberry Concentrate is the perfect solution in maintaining a healthy immune system, detoxifying the body, and supporting the respiratory tract.

Include the Original Sambu®Guard Formula, and Sambu®Guard Lozenges, and you have a powerful family of products fighting for your family.


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